Julia Fredriksson

Researcher, Assistant Head of Division at Urban Design and Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Urban Design and Planning, Urban and Regional Transformations research group

Julia Fredriksson is assistant Head of Division of Urban Design and Planning and a researcher within the research group Urban and Regional Transformations. Her research interest concerns the relationship between space and power within an urban design and planning context, with its’ main focus on the relationship between centre and periphery in urban and regional transformation processes. Her research aims to critically analyse how the relationship between urban and rural, and between growing urban areas and smaller municipalities, is handled within contemporary Nordic planning practice and to develop theory to better understand and handle the relationship between centre and periphery within urban design and planning. Julia also takes part in the research and development project Norm-creative Visualization in Urban Development and takes part in education. She defended her thesis with the title Constructions of a city centre: Spatial power relations of the post-industrial city in 2014. The thesis is a critical examination of how the relationship between centre and periphery in the city is handled within contemporary planning practice.

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