Joshua Mayers

Visiting Researcher

Joshua joined as a post-doctoral researcher in the Algal Biotechnology group in the division of Industrial Biotechnology in June 2014.
He gained his PhD in Biological Sciences at Swansea University (UK) studying the physiological and biochemical responses of marine microalgae to culture conditions and stress. He is currently involved in the interdisciplinary project, BioBUF, where microalgal cultivation as part of a large integrated biorefinery process is being investigated. It is the aim to develop a sustainable process, yielding valuable isoprenoid compounds, with residual materials being considered as a fermentative feedstock. Remediation of nutrients and CO2 from waste streams is also being investigated as an essential step in attaining overall sustainability.
Joshua has also supervised Masters student projects covering topics such as seaweed lipid biorefineries and microalgal metabolism.

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