Josef Johnsson

Researcher, Architecture and civil engineering, Building technology, Infrastructure physics

Josef Johnsson holds a doctoral degree at the Division of Building Technology, in the research group Infastructure Physics, at Chalmers. He works with designing a system to create ice-free roads and bridges. The aim is to decrease the usage of de-icing salts and increase the traffic safety. This should be done by heating the pavement with renewable energy. Josef´s main field is winter road maintenance, thermal energy storages and energy design. The project Safe and ice-free bridges using renewable thermal energy sources is a collaboration with the Norwegian road administration and the E39-project.

The project is based on numerical simulations using an open source programming language. The results from the numerical simulations will be compared against data obtained from a test site that is constructed in Östersund, Sweden. The test site is a part of the NORDFOU-project HERO.
Project video HERO:
​VBF019 Building physics
BOM 265 Construction materials
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