Jonas Bärgman

Researcher / associate professor at Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Division of Vehicle Safety

Jonas Bärgman is a researcher / associate professor, and lead the research group Safety Evaluation in the Division of Vehicle Safety, at the Mechanics and Maritime Department. Jonas research has several components, all aimed at understanding how traffic safety is affected by driver behavior, vehicles (including intelligent systems/vehicle automation), and the environment (e.g., other road-users), in the pre-crash phase. His research ranges from quantifying driver comfort zone boundaries in everyday driving, via the understanding of why crashes occur (crash causation mechanisms) and to develop quantitative models of driver behavior in critical situation, to the development and application of the counterfactual (computer) simulation method to evaluate the safety impact of driver behaviors, driver support and automated systems, and the environment. A majority of the research use different forms of naturalistic driving data as a key component, but also test-track, on-road and simulator experiments are research tools Jonas uses.

Jonas is examiner for the Vehicle and Traffic Safety (TME202) masters course in the masters program for automotive engineering at Chalmers. He also is a lecturer in the Active Safety course in the same program, and active in ISO.

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