Johan Ahlström

Professor at the division of Engineering materials, Department of Industrial and materials science

​Johan Ahlström's research and teaching concern the behaviour of Engineering Metals both in the production process and in service. The research aims at creating knowledge to enable more economically, environmentally and socially sustainable solutions for transport and production industries.
​MTT100 – Mechanical Performance of Engineering Materials – Lecturer and Examiner
MTT047 – Metal Forming & Joining – Lecturer and Examiner
​​MMF092 – Machine Design – Lectures on materials selection
MTT031 – Manufacturing Engineering – Lecture​​ on Joining
Johan Ahlström's research concerns the behaviour of engineering metals both during production and in service. Experimental characterisation of the deformation behaviour and its relation to microstructure, temperature and strain rate combined with numerical modelling give possibilities for physical interpretation and prediction of the behaviour in a certain environment. Johan is also interested in connected phenomena like phase transformations, fatigue, residual stresses and crack growth. Methods used include biaxial mechanical testing, dilatometry, X-ray tomography and diffraction, microscopy and spectroscopy. Examples of industrial aims are decreased maintenance costs and increased reliability of railways as well as decreased fuel consumption in combustion engines.

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