Lena Hopsch

Senior Lecturer, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Architectural Theory and Methods

PhD Lena Hopsch, Senior Lecturer, is a teacher and researcher at Chalmers University of Technology, Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering. She is also affiliated as docent/associate professor in design at the Faculty of fine, applied and performing arts, University of Gothenburg. The research examines how design and design processes materialize by human experience in the fields of architecture, art and philosophy. Hopsch participates in research networks nationally as well as internationally. The research aims for good design of the physical environment. She has published the results at international conferences, in books and scientific journals.

Read more: http://hdk.gu.se/sv/personal/docenter
​Teaches at Master and Candidate level at Courses and Studios and in a collaboration with the Swedish Transport Administration. The teaching focuses on fundamental design concepts such as spatiality, movement and rhythm in relation to theories of architectural experience in a phenomenological and embodied context. The teaching aims at building bridges between design and technical issues across subject borders.

Published: Fri 30 Nov 2012. Modified: Wed 08 Nov 2017