Håkan Nilsson

Full Professor

My main area of research is in the hydro turbine area, where I have 2-3 PhD students that are financed by the Swedish Hydro Power Center (www.svc.nu). We focus on the water flow and cavitation in the pressure conduits, spiral casings, distributor, runner and draft tube, and the cooling air flow in electric generators. We develop and validate numerical methods and models (e.g. rotor-stator methods and turbulence modeling), and distribute tutorials and best-practice guidelines. We are also performing experimental measurements.

I am also active in PhD projects and Master projects in other areas, such as:
* Fibers in air flow
* Simulation of flow in flow meters
* Flow and heat transfer in TIG-welding
* Flow in the human aorta (experimentally and numerically)
* Natural convection at free surfaces with surfactants.
* Flow in a centrifugal pump
* Flow in the swirl generators in Timisoara and Stuttgart
* Flow in blood vessels during whiplash motion
* CAD and mesh-generation from CT-scan

I supervise a large number of small projects in project courses.

All numerical work is done with the OpenSource OpenFOAM tool, and I am active in the OpenFOAM community mainly through the Turbomachinery Working Group and in the Workshop Committee.
​MTF113 Heat Transfer, 2003-2012
MTF210 Turbomachinery, 2010-2012
PhD course CFD with OpenSource Software, 2007-2012

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