Håkan Johansson

Associate Professor at Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Division of Dynamics

Since 1 Jan 2010 I am employed at the division of Dynamics at the department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences. Currently co-supervisor for three doctoral students: Muhammad Irfan, Hosein Naseri and Lina Wramner. Active within the Swedish Wind Power Technology Center (SWPTC) where my research focus is the dynamics and control of the mechanical power transmission. This includes developing models to estimate service life under a wide range of loading condition, and to find good tools to determine what conditions are especially harmful for the drive train components of wind turbines.

The study of mechanical system under time-varying constraints is topic of the PhD project of Muhammad Irfan, which is applied to the modeling of synchronizer mechanism in heavy truck gearboxes a joint research project by Chalmers, KTH, Volvo AB and Scania CV AB which is part of Transmissionskluster and funded by Vinnova/FFI. Also within the Transmissionskluster, PhD student Lina Wramner analyze and model dual mass flywheel and other components to reduce drive train vibrations stemming from engine excitation.

The PhD project of Hosein Naseri develops models for the mechanical response of human adipose tissue (fat) under impact loading (car crash simulations). Of special interest is to understand how to properly account for the large spread in material properties and geometry when assessing restraint systems.
​TME010 Mechanics
TME265, Prepatory course in Matlab (Master's students)

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