Göran Berndes

Associate Professor, Department of Space, Earth and Environment, Physical Resource Theory.

Göran Berndes’ research, integrates land use and energy systems at scales ranging from local case studies to the global context. The research is in particular directed towards the production and use of biomass for food, energy and materials purposes. Important aspects include: (i) the effectiveness of different ways to produce and use biomass for energy, using long-term energy system modeling and Life Cycle/Well-to-Wheel analyses linked with land use change modeling and assessment of the associated flows of C; and (ii) the resource (e.g., land and water), environmental and socioeconomic implications of bioenergy strategies and also of the alternative strategy to use land for enhancement of biospheric carbon sequestration.
FFR160 Sustainable Development
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Published: Tue 24 Apr 2012. Modified: Wed 17 May 2017