Elisabeth Eriksson

Staffing Officer/Education Administrator, Mathematical Sciences

I have worked at Chalmers since 1995 and at the department of Mathematical sciences since 1997. ' My job assignments is among others: * Assist our Director of studies, staffing -- registration of teaching hours -- substitute cases -- administration around hourly employed teaching assistans/lab supervisors -- staffing exam rounds -- responsible for teachers' copies of course literature * Administration "Sommarmatten" * Webbpages, Education Chalmers * Examination planning * Course surveys MVs GU-courses * Establish new examiners at MV * Canvas * PingPong * GUL * Möbius * Administration Swedish Mathematical Contest

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My spare time is occupied by my four pets. Joppe (bird), Vera (cat), Scilla (cat) and Lelle (cat).
"Without animals, the world would be even less human."

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