Catharina Dyrssen

Professor Emerita, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Urban Design and Planning

Catharina is a professor within Architecture and design methodology. In her research she looks into how design and an architect’s work process can be developed and used within research, both within architecture and in trans-disciplinary research. Her focus is the development of architectural thinking, which is a flexible, spatial thinking which coincides with a material and modelling practice, intersecting with art, technology and the social persepective. She uses this architectural thinking to develop new proficiency within architecture in different areas and aspects such as, urban development and building, public spaces, sound and music.
Catharinas goal is to strengthen more long term values within building and town-development, which means a more efficient use of resources, increased availability and ease of access, a stronger understanding of architectural culture and social values, but also to deeper study the critical, theoretical and methodological perspective of architecture.
Catharina has taught within urban development and building, public spaces and buildings and design-based research methods. She has a long experience of mentoring PhD students and masters’ students, while also lecturing on a regular basis.
She is also chairwoman of Vetenskapsrådets committee for artistic research 2013-2016.

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