Christer Borell

Professor emeritus, Mathematical Sciences

During my 48 years as a teacher at various universities I have lectured a variety of courses at different levels. Since 1997 most courses have been in financial mathematics. My research has always been motivated by different problems in convex geometry often in infinitely many space dimensions.
My most frequent citations according to MathSciNet
1970-1979: The Brunn-Minkowski inequality in Gauss space. Invent.Math 30 (1975), 207-216
1980-1989: Capacitary inequalities of the Brunn-Minkowski type. Math. Ann 263 (1983), 179-184
1990-1999: Geometric inequalities in option pricing. Convex geometric analysis (Berkeley, CA, 1996), 29-51, Math. Sci. Res. Inst. Publ., 34, Cambridge Univ. Press 1999
2000-2009: Diffusion equations and geometric inequalities. Potential Anal. 12 (2000), 49-71

The final solution of my favourite problem
Inequalities of the Brunn-Minkowski type for for Gaussian measures. Probab. Theory Related Fields 140 (2008), 195-205

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