Britt-Marie Wilen

Professor and Head of Division, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Water Environment Technology

Britt-Marie is professor and head of division of Water Environment Technology. She is part of the research theme wastewater treatment and resource recovery (Bioresource Labs). Her research is mainly dealing with process technology for wastewater treatment, biotechnological proocesses for resource recovery and microbial processes for water treatment. The main research areas are activated sludge process, aerobic granular sludge, biofilm processes, anaerobic digestion, biological nitrogen and phosphorus removal, anammox processes, bio-electrochemical processes, reduction of micropollutants from wastewater and sustainability aspects of wastewater treatment. The goal is to develop resource efficient, compact processes with less environmental impact.

Britt-Marie is responsible for the course Advanced Wastewater Engineering (ACE040) and is teaching in the courses:

Kemi och Fysik för Samhällsbyggare (BOM221)

Waste Management (KBT135)


​Chalmers Areas of Advance:

Building Futures

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