Kirsti Biggs

Postdoctor, Mathematical Sciences

I am a postdoctoral researcher working with Julia Brandes on the project "Diophantine Problems with Restricted Sets of Variables".

My research lies in analytic number theory, with a particular focus on using the Hardy--Littlewood circle method to tackle additive problems involving sums of squares, cubes or higher powers, such as variants of Waring’s problem and Vinogradov’s mean value theorem. I am also interested in the interactions of additive combinatorics with such problems.

I recently completed my PhD at the University of Bristol, UK, under the supervision of Trevor Wooley. My latest work involves small subsets of the natural numbers defined by digital restrictions in a given base. These subsets are known as ellipsephic sets, and their digital properties cause them to have a fractal-like structure, which can be seen as a p-adic analogue of certain real fractal sets studied by harmonic analysts.

Page manager Published: Wed 29 Jan 2020.