Arpita Chari

PhD Student at the division of Production Systems, Department of Industrial and Materials Science

Arpita Chari has been doing her PhD since September 2018 in the research group of Sustainable and Virtual Productions. The fourth industrial revolution has given manufacturing industries opportunities to become resilient and address growing sustainability challenges. Her main areas of focus are hence Industry 4.0, Resilience and Sustainability in Production Systems.

Her research focuses on exploring the extent to which these concepts have been implemented in manufacturing industries, and the role of different methods, tools and digital technologies to design resilient and sustainable production systems. By integrating these techniques in production processes, her goal is to increase resource efficiency and achieve lean circular production systems.
​PPU206 Sustainable products and production systems
PPU160 Production Systems

Thermodynamic remodeling of the Co–Ga system (A Chari, A Garay, R Arróyave Calphad 34 (2), 189-195,

Computational thermodynamics of the CoNiGa high temperature shape memory alloy system (Arpita Chari, Ebubekir Dogan, Anjana Talapatra, Avinash R Chivukula, Andres Garay, I Karaman, R Arróyave, Calphad 45, 167-177),

Thermodynamics, Structural Properties and Transformation Behavior of CoNiGa Alloys from First Principles (Raymundo Arroyave, Anchalee Junkaew, Andres Garay, Arpita Chari, Chun-Wei Yao, Minerals, Metals and Materials Society/AIME, 420 Commonwealth Dr., P. O. Box 430 Warrendale PA 15086 USA [np]. 14-18 Feb)

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