Anna Ström

Professor; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Applied chemistry, Pharmaceutical technology

Anna Ström holds a PhD in Food and Nutritional Sciences from University College Cork, Ireland. Her PhD work focused on the fine structure of polysaccharides, and specifically pectin, and its impact on functionality. After the PhD, she moved to the Netherlands and Unilever R&D where she worked as research manager and later research project leader. After seven years within industrial research, she took up a position at Chalmers University of Technology, where she worked within SuMo Biomaterials, a Vinn Excellence center focusing on molecular transport in soft materials. She is “docent” in Biopolymer Technology since 2018.

Her research interest is polysaccharide and specifically linking their fine structure and polymer conformation to their gel and material properties. Such knowledge is important for their utilization in a circular bioeconomy context, as well as in the sectors of food and pharmaceutics.

During 2017 and 2019 she was Director of Food Science Sweden, a network consisting of LTH, SLU, RISE, OrU and Chalmers, aiming at visualizing and strengthen food science within Sweden.

She is since 2019 Program Director for the program of biology and biotechnology at Chalmers.

Pharmeceutical Technoloy, (master) KBT211 (course responsible)
Phamraceutical Technology (advanced elective course) KBT086 (course responsible)
Pharmaceutical Technology (bachelor) KER250
Polymer technology, KPO020
Materials in medicine, TIF050


Design of biomaterials (SuMo Biomaterials)

Directed Mass transport (SuMo Biomaterials)
New Foam Materials from Forestry and Agricultural By-Products    -   Smart Foam


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