Anja Lund

PhD; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry

Anja Lund is a researcher in the Müller group, specialized in polymer processing and fiber spinning. She is especially interested in developing polymer materials for textile electronic devices, such as energy harvesting thermoelectric and piezoelectric devices.

Electronic textiles was the topic for Anja Lund's second post-doc at Chalmers. She previously completed a two-year post-doc on textile sensors and actuators, at the Swedish School of Textiles at the University of Borås.

Anja Lund holds a PhD in Materials Science from Chalmers (2013), an MSc in Mechanical Engineering with a major in Textile Technology from the University of Borås (2005), as well as a University diploma (högskoleingenjör) in Electronics Engineering from Chalmers (1997). She has several years of industrial experience both as a textile engineer and as electronics engineer.

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