Andreas Fhager

Associate Professor, Electrical engineering

Andreas Fhager is Associate Professor of Biomedical electromagnetics and the leader of this research group. As appointed Docent, he focuses his research on electromagnetic imaging methods for breast cancer detection, stroke detection and other biomedical applications of microwaves. This covers a broad range of topics including systems design, signal processing, electromagnetic modeling and optimization. Andreas Fhager is also a Co-Founder of the company Medfield Diagnostics AB, a medical device company commercializing microwave technology for safer diagnostics in health care. His teaching subjects include Electromagnetic Field Theory, Medical signals and systems and Diagnostic Imaging.
​Electromagnetic field theory:
This is an introductory course in electromagnetic field theory in the second year at the Engineering Physics Program.
The basis for the course is the Maxwell's equations and we study both static and dynamic fields with the aim to understand fundamental principles. Andreas is lecturing the course and is also the examiner.

Diagnostic imaging:
In this course the students learn about basic principles and fundamentals of the imaging techniques that are used at hospitals today. But also the future technology is studied. The main part of the course deals with understanding the principles of generating the images. The course is given in the first year at the Biomedical Engineering masters program.

Medical signals and systems:
This is an introductory course in electric circuit theory and it applications. The course is using this knowledge to study different medical applications, for example CT oct MRI. The course is given for second year students at the Bioengineering program. Andreas is lecturing about medical imaging systems and the corresponding signal- and image analysis.
​Andreas Fhager received the M.Sc. degree in engineering physics from Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden in 2001. In 2006 he received the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering, the title of the thesis was "Microwave Tomography." Thereafter he held a position as assistant professor, continuing the research in microwave diagnostic methods and in 2011 he was appointed Docent in Biomedical Electromagnetics at the department of Signals and Systems, Chalmers. From 2011 he is also the group leader for the Biomedical Electromagnetics research group.
Andreas is co-founder of the company Medfield Diagnostics AB. The company is a spin-off from his doctoral studies. Medfield develops and commercializes microwave technology for medical use. The main focus of the company is stroke diagnostics in the ambulance.

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