Tord Claeson

Professor, Microtechnology and Nanoscience, Quantum Device Physics Laboratory

Tord Claeson is full professor of Physics since 1982, now partly emeritus. His research interests include superconducting tunneling and electron properties of solids. Josephson effects are studied and used in low noise detectors and sensors – from space to brain. Metals and oxides, including high temperature superconductors, are studied by transport experiments and spectroscopy and topography based on electrons, ions, and X-rays. Electron tunnelling has been used to study excitations in superconductors, gapless superconductivity, amorphous metals, proximity effects, magnetic properties, single charge effects, etc. He has been instrumental in forming low temperature and nano-fabrication facilities.

He is a member of several societies, e.g. Royal Society of Sciences and Arts in Gothenburg, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, Royal Flemish Academy for Sciences and the Arts, Korean Academy of Science and Technology, and participated in the Nobel Committee of Physics 1989-2000. He received prizes and distinctions, e.g. the Jacob Wallenberg prize, IVA gold medal, Celsius medal, and Chalmers medal as well as Zorn and Miller fellowships. He has acted as advisor and evaluator of national and international agencies, research centers, and companies.

He has had to compensate lack of gifts with hard work and a large number of excellent collaborators and students, about three quarters of these coming from countries outside Sweden. Many of them are now professors all over the world or senior researchers in industry.

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