Per Hyldgaard

Professor, Microtechnology and Nanoscience, Electronics Materials and Systems Laboratory

I am professor of theoretical physics for biomaterials and nanotechnology.
Funding presently comes from Vetenskapsrådet (VR), from the Chalmers e-Science Centre, and from the Chalmers Area of Advance - Materials Science.

Our group has long-term international collaborations with Professors Ludwig Bartels, U.C. Riverside, Theodore L. Einstein, U. Maryland, David C. Langreth (until his sad departure in spring of 2011), and Gerald D. Mahan, Penn State University.
I am coordinator for the Advanced Computing activities under the new Chalmers e-Science Centre. I was also responsible author for the evaluation of Chalmers e-Science interest and successful application for the 2010 creation of the Chalmers e-Science centre.

Elsebeth Schröder, Bengt I. Lundqvist, and myself are the main Chalmers contributors to the development of the new Rutgers-Chalmers vdW-DF.

Finally, I am main P.I. for grants for large-scale allocations of computing computing resources to the research groups of Professors Elsebeth Schröder and Bengt I. Lundqvist, and myself from the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC). vdW-DF development and applications constitute the main activities together with development of a first-principle thermodynamics account of, for example, growth.

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