Mozhdeh Amani

Senior Lecturer, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Lightweight Structures

Mozhdeh Amani is a Senior Lecturer in the Division of Structural Engineering, the research group Lightweight Structures, at Chalmers.
She has her research background in the field of steel structures with a focus on the stability and design of steel bridges. She is interested in the field of sustainable design of steel and steel-concrete composite structures.
​​VSM191 Steel Structures
VBB122 Structural Systems
ACE030/BOM340 Konstruktionsteknik
BMT016/BOM580 Bärande konstruktioner
1- M Amani, MM Alinia, “The flexural behavior of horizontally curved steel I-girder bridge systems and single-girders”, Journal of Constructional Steel Research 118, 2016, 145-155. 
2- M Amani, BLO Edlund, MM Alinia, “Buckling and post-buckling behavior of unstiffened slender curved plates under uniform shear”, Thin-Walled Structures 49 (8), 2011, 1017-1031. 
3- M Amani, MM Alinia, M Fadakar, “Imperfection sensitivity of slender/stocky metal plates”, Thin-Walled Structures 73, 2013, 207-215. 
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