Matthias Geilhufe

Assistant Professor at Condensed Matter and Materials Theory, Department of Physics

Matthias Geilhufe works in condensed matter theory. He graduated from Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg in 2015 after being a PhD student at Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics (Halle). From 2016-2022 he had been a postdoc and staff scientist at Nordita. Matthias joined the Chalmers faculty in 2022.
My group works on the theory of quantum materials. We investigate a broad range of materials classes, e.g., organics and metal organic frameworks, oxides, 2D materials. Examples of my research interests are:
  • Symmetry of quantum materials. Symmetry and symmetry-breaking are fundamental concepts in physics. My group applies methods from group theory to investigate quantum phases in materials, e.g., topological materials, Dirac materials, superconductors. Furthermore, we develop the Mathematica group theory package GTPack.
  • Dynamics in quantum materials. My group investigates dynamic quantum phases of matter, mostly in the non-equilibrium. Examples comprise transient electronic effects due to coupling to chiral phonons, or consequences of a dynamic modification of electron-electron interactions.
  • Identification of quantum materials. We combine the design of functional materials using model Hamiltonians and materials informatics. With machine learning and data mining, my group identifies novel quantum materials with desired target properties. A central tool is the Organic Materials Database - OMDB.

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