Martin Hultman

Associate professor in science-, technology- and environmental studies at the Department of Technology Management and Economics.

Why don't we act when we have known the challenges of climate change for over thirty years? Such are the questions Hultman deal with in his research when doing in-depth empirical studies analysed from an inter-disciplinary knowledge base.

Hultman is widely published in energy, climate and environmental issues in a vareity of journals, then more than ten books and his work is translated to seven languages. As part of his academic work he publish chronicles in a wide range of newspapers and give public lectures commenting on contemporary politics. Current book projects are (fortcoming) Denial – Obstruction – Inertia: Explaining Inaction on Climate Science and (fortcoming) Ecopedagogy for Rights of Nature. Enabling a regenerative Circular Economy.

Hultman leads three research groups analyzing ‘gender and energy’, ‘ecopreneurship in circular economies’ and ‘climate change denial’. He is head of the global research network Center for Studies of Climate Change Denial (CEFORCED) and is part of the management team for the international research project Empower All.

Hultman has been awarded Vattenfall's Marie Nisser's scholarship in 2014, choose as Future Research Leader 2018, selected as the most influential academic in the University of Gothenburg in 2019 and awarded Alumn of the Year 2021 at Linköping University.




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