Magnus Hörnqvist Colliander

Senior researcher (docent), Microstructure Physics, Department of Physics

The focus of my research is to improve the understanding of processing-structure-property relationships in advanced high-performance engineering materials on a fundamental level. This is typically done through the development and use of in-situ characterization methods employing electron microscopy and scattering/diffraction based techniques at large scale facilities. A particular focus is in-situ measurements of phase transformations, internal stresses and deformation mechanisms during e.g. representative thermal/mechanical cycles using time-resolved synchrotron/neutron scattering and diffraction, as well as the extraction of properties of individual phases, grains and interfaces using in-situ micromechanical testing. The ultimate goal is to contribute towards development of new and improved materials, in particular with respect to temperature stability and mechanical performance, in order to reduce the environmental impact during both processing and application. This is achieved by applying the more fundamental knowledge gained, in collaborative projects with industry.

Page manager Published: Wed 28 Oct 2020.