Karin Jonsson


Karin's research interest deal with carbohydrates and health, with a focus on utilization. She is the project manager for the start-up of a public-private partnership on whole grain, with actors from all across society. Whole grain consumption is one of the most important dietary factors for reducing the risk of non-communicable diseases - but only one out of ten eat enough. The purpose of the partnership is to increase the whole grain intake in the Swedish population, through accelerated scientifically anchored innovation and communication about whole grains. In parallel, Karin coordinates Nordic Rye Forum, a platform for research and innovation in rye and health in the Nordic region. Moreover, Karin leads a research collaboration together with the Nobel Prize Museum, where young people's attitudes and preferences towards food, health and carbohydrates are studied. The project aims to provide a basis for what is needed to bring about actual changes in the eating habits of young people.

Karin defended her thesis on early nutritional exposures and allergy development in the autumn of 2016, with material from the "Farmflora Study". In addition, Karin was responsible for the diet in the NICE study, which also deals, in part, with the importance of nutrition for allergy development.

Page manager Published: Mon 27 Apr 2020.