Elin Esbjörner Winters

Associate Professor; Biology and Biological Engineering, Chemical Biology

Elin Esbjörner is Associate Professor of Chemical Biology. Her research group studies protein misfolding and amyloid formation phenomena related to neurodegenerative diseases, using a combination of in vitro biophysics methods and cell biological approaches, including fluorescence microscopies and live cell imaging. The group focuses on how amyloid proteins interact with cells and cellular membranes, on their cell uptake and trafficking mechanisms, as well as on how different biological and pharmacological modulators affect the amyloid formation process. Elin is also a Principle Investigation in the FoRmulaEx research centre for functional RNA delivery, where her group collaborates extensively with chemists and physicists to explore fundamental mechanisms for effective cellular uptake (endocytosis) and cytosolic delivery of nucleic-acid based drugs. Within this consortium, Elin’s group also contributes to the development of new fluorescent probes and bioanalytical methods to explore the interaction of drug delivery vectors with cells.

Esbjörner Winters Research Group

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