Christoph Langhammer

Full Professor, Chemical Physics, Department of Physics

My research group combines advanced nanofabrication with nano-photonics, nanofluidics, surface reactions, catalysis, nanomaterials science and sensor science. Our work focuses on the fundamental study and rational design of functional nanostructures and nanomaterials for sensor and energy-related applications, as well as on single particle catalysis and single molecule microscopy in the context of life science. For that purpose we continuously develop and evolve our own methodologies for state-of-the-art nanofabrication and build our own customized research instrumentation.
We also strive for continuously identifying and implementing strategies for the utilization and commercialization of our research results to cover the entire spectrum from fundamental research to applications that make a direct contribution to a sustainable society.

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Lecturer in master course TIF295 “Experimental Methods in Modern Physics”.

Examiner of master course TIF120 “Surface and Nanophysics”.

Examiner of master course TIF181 “Science, Innovation and Entrepreneurship”.

Master Thesis Projects
Usually I have master thesis projects available and specific suggestions by students are welcome and can always be discussed. If interested, contact me by e-mail:

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