Battulga Munkhbat

Post doc, Nano and Biophysics, Department of Physics

I have joined the Bionanophotonics group as a postdoctoral researcher in February 2017. I recently received my Ph.D from the Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria in August, 2016 with a specialization in Advanced Nanoplasmonics under supervision of Prof. Thomas A. Klar. My Ph.D work was focused on the hybrid multi-layered plasmonic nanostars for photon management in organic optoelectronic devices as well as in coherent random lasing. My key strengths in scientific research are the fabrication and characterization of optoelectronic devices, light manipulation in OLEDs, photonics, coherent random lasers, as well as design and synthesis of plasmonic nanoparticles such as nanobipyramids, and nanostars.
My main research interest is plasmon-exciton interactions in nanoscale. More specifically, it includes ultra-strong light-matter coupling as well as cavity-induced exciton transport in organic optoelectronic devices under electrical and optical pumping, and modifications of chemical properties for molecules in the strong coupling regime.

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