Anders Palmqvist

Vice President of Research and Chalmers' Area of Advance,
Professor, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry

Anders Palmqvist is Chalmers’ Vice President of Research and Chalmers' Area of Advance. In addition, he has a coordinating responsibility for internationalization among the vice presidents. Anders Palmqvist has a Ph.D. in Inorganic chemistry and is Professor of Materials chemistry at the division for Applied chemistry.

Anders Palmqvist leads a research group focused on development of new materials and synthesis methods for nanostructured materials. Both solid state methods and wet-chemical methods involving self-assembling, structure-directing surface active components are developed. Structural characterization of materials at different length scales is another important part of the activities and includes, e.g. diffraction, light- and X-ray scattering, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, gas adsorption, electron microscopy, NMR and EPR.

The research is applied, e.g. in technologies for energy conversion, such as fuel cell- and photocatalysis and thermoelectric recovery of waste heat. Other studies within the group concern development of surface active nanoparticles and enzymatic conversion of CO2 to methanol. The group is equipped for evaluation of materials properties in these applications.
​Nanomaterials chemistry (KTK041), Lecturer and examinor
Materials chemistry, Nanomaterials, Catalysis, Fuel cells, Thermoelectrics

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