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Om forskningsområdet Energieffektiva fordon

Institutionen för Elektroteknik är värd för Swedish Electromobility Centre. För mer information om den forskning som institutionen bedriver kring energieffektiva fordon, vänligen besök sidan för Swedish Electromobility Centre​.


Bild:Volvo Car CorporationEnergy Management of HEVs
The main research topic in the project concerns how a priori information regarding the future trip can be acquired and utilized to improve PHEV energy efficiency. The research covers aspects such as quasi static powertrain modeling, convex optimization and optimal control techniques such as Dynamic Programming...
ID4EV; Intelligent Dynamics for fully Electric Vehicles
The objective of the ID4EV project is to develop energy efficient and safe brake and chassis systems for the needs of fully electric vehicles and the improvement of active safety and comfort for a faster introduction of fully electric vehicles (FEV)...
HILS for HEVS; Hardware-in-the-loop simulation for type-approval of hybrid electric vehicles
The project will study the method of HILS certification issued in Japan. The aim is to build knowledge in the area for understanding the requirements that need to be placed on a HILS type-approval method. In addition to studies of the method, the project should generate simulation models for suitable for HILS...
Torque sensor in driveline for improved efficiency and biofuels
Light duty diesel engine for 2012 - Engine control
This project investigates the use of information from crankshaft torque and ion current measurements for closed-loop diesel engine control. A large portion of the work therefore consists of developing methods for extracting combustion information from the measured signals...
Robust engine systems
OptiMoRE - Optimised Modular Range Extender for every day customer usage
​The OptiMoRE project takes on the challenge to develop and optimise the concept of the fully integrated, range-extended, electrified light duty vehicle. Three different RE concepts will be developed and demonstrated
FUEREX - Multi-fuel Range Extender with high efficiency and ultra low emissions
The EC Co-funded FUEREX project proposes highly efficient, compact, clean and low cost engines applied as range extenders for battery electric vehicles, capable of using renewable bio fuels as well as regular fossil fuels...
Systemanalysgruppens arbete har som mål att komplettera övriga projekt inom Svenskt Hybridfordonscentrum (SHC) genom att skapa kunskap om de krav som driver fram el och hybriddrivlinor...


Swedish Electromobility Centre

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