Information about a doctoral position (PhD) at Chalmers

​A Chalmers doctoral position allows you to combine a career with a doctoral degree. Most graduate students at Chalmers have a graduate appointment, which means that they are employed by Chalmers. More information about graduate study, the graduate schools, possible research projects, the opportunity to obtain a graduate appointment or become an industrial graduate student and so on can be obtained by getting in touch directly with Chalmers graduate schools, departments or directors of research. You will find more information about the schools and departments on our homepage.
In order to obtain a doctoral degree, four years of full-time study are needed. The licentiate degree is either an independent degree or a stage towards a doctorate, normally requiring two years of full-time study.
All vacant PhD positions are announced via Vacancies at Chalmers hompage.
For questions about a specific position please contact the recruiting manager. You will find contact details in the advertisement.
For system support please contact Recruitmentsupport
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  • SACO: Peter Hellqvist
  • ST: Jean-Marc Orliaguet
  • SEKO: Johan Persson

Page manager Published: Wed 28 Apr 2021.