Application Instructions for research and teaching positions

​When applying for a research or teaching position, the instructions below should be followed. Preferably create a PDF for each of the headings (1-4). The files can also be compiled in one PDF portfolio or compressed in a Zip file.

1. Application (Please name the appendix in the e-recruitment system as: APPLICATION, Surname, reference number) 
CV, sample headings
a)      Education
b)      Previous employment
c)      Complete list of publications
(Chronological list of publications. Divide into peer reviewed/non peer reviewed journal articles, conference contributions, etc.). Preferably group the complete list of publications as follows.
  • Peer reviewed articles
  • Peer reviewed conference contributions
  • Non peer reviewed conference contributions
  • Books or chapter contributions
  • Reports
  • Other publications
d)    Teaching experience (list of courses on undergraduate and graduate levels for which you were the examiner, lecturer or practice leader).
e)      Research grants and research funds received as applicant or co-applicant.
f)       Participation at national and international conferences, seminars, other conferences, research councils, etc. Specify the activity, e.g. invited as the main speaker, conference presentation or poster presentation.
g)      Supervision: List the master students and their thesis and the research students for whom you have been the primary supervisor (or assistant supervisor). Specify your role for each person.
h)      Certificates of course completed in Supervision of Research: Principles and Practice or another equivalent course.
 i)        Other, for example leadership qualifications and positions of trust.
  • Two references that we can contact.
  • Letters of recommendation from previous employers or research groups (mandatory).
  • Attested copies of completed education, grades and other certificates.

2.Personal letter/Qualifications (Please name the appendix in the e-recruitment system as: QUALIFICATIONS, Surname, reference number).

1-3 pages where you introduce yourself present your qualifications and describe your future research plans.
  • Previous research fields and main research results.
  • Future goals and research focus. Is there any specific projects and research issues you are primarily interested in.
3. Publications: (Please name the appendix in the e-recruitment system as: PUBLICATIONS, Surname, reference number). Please attach the publications as “other documents” in the e-recruitment system. If there are publications with several co-authors, carefully describe your own contribution.
  • Copies of your most relevant publications in full format (maximum of ten publications). It is a good idea to attach the files as a PDF or compress them into a Zip file.
  • Copies of a maximum of ten other publications that substantiate your other qualifications (for example, educational publications and popular science articles).
4. Pedagogical qualifications: If the position you are applying for requires a pedagogical portfolio, attach it as another appendix in the e-recruitment system. (Please name the appendix in the e-recruitment system as: PEDAGOGICAL PORTFOLIO, Surname, reference number).
  • Please use the specified format for the Pedagocial Portfolio when you compile your pedagogical qualifications.
  • Certificates of courses completed in pedagogy for higher education (15 ECTS points, 10 Swedish credit points in the previous credit system), or other equivalent courses, or proven equivalent pedagogical expertise.

Page manager Published: Mon 06 Aug 2018.