Career paths

​There are many different career opportunities at Chalmers in education, research and utilisation, for example as a doctoral student, senior lecturer or specialist in a field of research. In addition to these academic positions, there are also many interesting positions that facilitate outstanding research and education. Learn more about each category below.

Doctoral student

We believe that social stability and security are key factors to achieve success as a doctoral student. That is one of the reasons all of our doctoral students are employed. There are clearly defined pay levels and they are reviewed annually. As a doctoral student, you have access to the same benefits as other employees. Starting pay is currently SEK 31 600 per month and ending pay is SEK 36 700 per month.*

Researchers and teachers

There are two different career paths for academic staff at Chalmers. The traditional path is: doctoral student, assistant professor, associate professor and professor. If you are hired for one of these positions, you will be expected to assume responsibility for Chalmers as a whole and to contribute to research, education and effective utilisation.
The other academic route is the specialist track. This is intended primarily for academics who have external funding and who want to devote the majority of their work to research and utilisation.

Chalmers Operations Support (technical/administrative staff)

As a member of our operations support staff, you work to provide the best possible conditions for our researchers and teachers to succeed while you gain professional development opportunities. Our staff of both generalists and specialists take a process-oriented approach in order to deliver high-quality and effective operations support. To thrive in this role, you should enjoy being part of an evolving organisation whose goal is continuous improvement.  “Chalmers for a sustainable future” is also a guiding vision within the operations support and that applies to both our practical work as well as your opportunity to maintain a good work/life balance. 

* Totals as of September 2022

Page manager Published: Tue 13 Sep 2022.