Skills development

​We want you to thrive and develop in your profession and to feel you are a part of a workplace that strives to achieve our common goals. As a new employee, you will be invited to participate in our introduction programme, which consists of four parts: practical information about Chalmers, a workshop about our culture and how we jointly create it, a campus tour and a local introduction to your workplace.

Each year, you will be invited to an employee dialogue to discuss your future development. Based on your career goals, your current role and your preferred future role, you and your manager will plan activities for your further development. There is a large selection of internal skills-enhancing activities to choose from.

As a doctoral student, you will participate in a number of courses that do not have a direct connection to your research subject or professional role, but which are prerequisites for a successful professional life. Examples of subjects are communication, leadership, project management, career planning, utilisation, sustainable development, ethics and pedagogy.

In addition to discipline-specific skills development, courses, forums and conferences in the areas of pedagogy and supervision are arranged for researchers and teachers.

If your role is technical or administrative, there are general courses in areas including coaching approaches, risk methodology, health and safety work and environmental work, in addition to role-specific development courses.

All of our developmental work is founded on our values: quality, openness, participation, respect and diversity.

Page manager Published: Mon 18 Jun 2018.