Kursplan för Projekt: Mjukvaruinnovation

Kursplan fastställd 2017-02-23 av programansvarig (eller motsvarande).


  • Engelskt namnProject: Software Innovation
  • KurskodDAT365
  • Omfattning15 Högskolepoäng
  • ÄgareTKITE
  • UtbildningsnivåGrundnivå
  • HuvudområdeDatateknik, Informationsteknik
  • BetygsskalaTH - Fem, Fyra, Tre, Underkänd

Kurstillfälle 1

  • Undervisningsspråk Svenska
  • Anmälningskod 52136
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0117 Projekt 15 hp
Betygsskala: TH
15 hp

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    Kursspecifika förkunskaper

    To be eligible for this course, students must have successfully completed at least a 7.5 hec project course.
    In addition, it is required that the examiner approves both the project description
    submitted by the student, and the supervisor. Finally, the examiner should agree that the
    student has the necessary knowledge in the specific area of the project.


    In this project course, the students are given the opportunity to work on innovation ideas provided by industrial companies or research projects.

    Lärandemål (efter fullgjord kurs ska studenten kunna)

    After completion of the course the student is expected to:
    Knowledge and understanding
    • explain the project working practices, project scheduling and reporting of the innovation challenge,
    • describe the context of research or industrial innovation problems,
    Skills and abilities
    • apply and use software development knowledge and skills to develop a solution fora research or industrial problem,
    • collaborate with external stakeholders on an innovation challenge,
    • create a demo or a prototype of a product, service, or other innovation, using agile
    • development practices, design, and product research methods,
    • present project outcomes orally and in writing,
    Judgement and approach
    • demonstrate competence and experience in research innovation, problem solving and application of knowledge,
    • reflect on the challenges and opportunities of working in a context of research or industrial innovation.


    Student work together in groups of 5-7 students to design and implement a product (or service) prototype. The
    project is challenging, and requires the students to collaborate and organize their work
    efficiently. There is little external steering in this project, the students are responsible for
    the overall planning and setting their own internal deadlines in order to finish the
    project on time.


    The teaching consists of introductory lectures, weekly meetings, seminars, as well as supervision in connection to the meetings.


    Course literature and study material to be announced prior to the start of the course. It
    is also up to the students to identify and address such needs based on their particular
    project focus.

    Examination inklusive obligatoriska moment

    The course is examined by a final written report and an oral presentation of a
    demonstrable system during a seminar at the end of the course. The work is carried out
    in groups of 5-7 students.

    Furthermore, the student needs to submit a written report where the student shows his
    or her:
    • artifact contributions to the project and subgroup he/she was a member of,
    • role in the project group,
    • fulfillment of responsibilities for this role in terms of artifacts and activities,
    • interaction and knowledge transfer activities with others, and how this contributed to the project as a whole.