EU Tosca

The aim of TOSCA – "Towards sustainable supply chains through a common approach for company strategic work and daily operations" – is to show how companies can work towards sustainable development, within the company and in its supply chain.
The TOSCA website presents the TOSCA framework for working with sustainability in different parts of the supply chain, in terms of:
Activities in the work towards sustainable supply chains, with practical approaches and examples for how a company can introduce and integrate sustainability considerations into business processes.
Information about what Sustainable development means, including current trends & issues and the business case.
Getting started guides for how to get started with central tools in the work with sustainability in supply chains.
TOSCA is a co-operation project between AkzoNobel, SCA and Chalmers University of Technology, with funding from the EU LIFE + Environment programme. The project will run during 2009 to 2011.

Sidansvarig Publicerad: må 28 okt 2013.