Virtual Systems Optimization

​The project puts focus on the generation of virtual models based on mechanical layout and partly automatic kinematics, concentrating on efficient handling of information. An overall aim is to increase the parallel preparation of the mechanical design and the automated solution. The project can be divided into three parts:
The first part is to formally define operational behavior in ways that can be understood by all design team members. This includes using Sequence Planner, a tool developed at Chalmers and SysML. An important aspect is to be able to model the synchronous behavior that is typical for TetraPak machines.
The second part is to develop a method for evaluation of control logics, which means that the visual description can be abstracted considerably. An important task here is to be able to optimize the logical behavior and in this way increase throughput.
A third aim is to perform virtual preparation and commissioning of a filling machine. This includes evaluating interfaces between the virtual machine model and the PLC. Here our collaboration with Rockwell will be crucial. The solution must combine the latest technology both from industry (Rockwell) and available communication standards.
The project is a cooperation between Chalmers, TetraPak  and Rockwell.

Sidansvarig Publicerad: må 28 okt 2013.