Positioning of nodes in wireless sensor networks

​Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have been proposed for many applications. In every WSN, position information is a vital requirement for the network to function as intended. Due to drawbacks of using GPS in practical networks, mainly cost and lack of access to satellite signals in some scenarios, position extraction by the network itself has been extensively studied during the last few years. The position information is derived using a number of fixed sensor nodes with known positions and some type of measurements between different nodes.
In this project, we aim at designing robust and low complex algorithms for both cooperative and noncooperative positioning. We mainly focus on distance and received signal strength measurements and derive different algorithms.
To evaluate different approaches, we investigate a number of benchmarks, e.g., lower and upper bounds on the position error. Besides the theoretical evaluations, we also study the performance of different algorithms through practical measurements. Moreover, since the performance of different positioning algorithms may be affected by unsynchronized clock, we consider an unsynchronized network to design positioning algorithms.
NewCom++ localization workpackage, Sinan Gezici Bilkent University

Sidansvarig Publicerad: to 21 nov 2019.