OTA Characterization of MIMO antennas and LTE devices

Startdatum 2007-01-01
Slutdatum Projektet är avslutat: 2016-12-07
​Within the research centre Chase, the Antenna research group is doing research on a new measurement technique, aiming to characterize small antennas and complete mobile terminals with multi-port antennas for use in environments with Rayleigh fading. The system characterizations are done Over-The-Air (OTA) in contrast to previously making use of cables between the terminal and the measurement instrument, and include the system effects of the signal-processing algorithms used for antenna diversity, MIMO multiplexing and OFDM. The latter corresponds to diversity in frequency domain.
The research is being performed in collaboration with Sony Ericsson, Ericsson and the spin-off company Bluetest AB, which commercializes reverberation chambers for OTA measurements. The research has also resulted in new simple theoretical system formulas. The research has presently been extended to involve collaboration with the communications systems group.
Together with SP technical research institute of Sweden, we have developed a multiport antenna evaluator for designing terminals with multiport antennas in an efficient way. This includes numerical tools to investigate the effect of the environment on the performance of the mobile terminal. In particular, we work to take the statistics of the user into account, i.e. his/her arbitrary orientation and location. The research has been performed within reseach centres Charmant and Chase. 
Figure: OTA measurements at spin-off company Bluetest AB

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