Startdatum 2014-01-01
Slutdatum Projektet är avslutat: 2018-12-31
Climate-KIC, Building Technologies Accelerator Flagship: NextGBES - Next generation building envelope systems

In most regions of the world, heating and cooling loads represent the largest building-sector energy end-use. The building envelope – the physical boundary between the exterior and interior environments - has an essential role in reducing heating and cooling demands in buildings. High levels of insulation, well-sealed structures, adaptive facades and smart materials are identified as strategic technologies and innovations for reducing the need for interior conditioning.

The BTA Next Generation Building Envelope Systems (NextGeBES) will bring to the market a selection of technologies and services with the highest potential for climate mitigation in this technology sector.  In total, there are seven different subprojects with focus on low carbon cement, passive and active building envelope systems, techniques that help tenants to interact with the building envelopes and a living lab.

The project team is composed of renowned scientists and area specialist. A number of industry partners are involved in the project.

Keywords: Building envelopes, exchangeable walls, low carbon materials, user-interactive building envelopes, self-regulated envelopes, klimatskal, utbytbara väggar, utbytbara väggelement,
Externa parter i projektet
Climator AB, Swerod, Abetong, Aspen Aerogels, KylenKryset, Merox, ReforceTech, Smart Development Sweden AB, Hot Disk, Matiral Connexion Skövde, AecentLab, EMPA, Houze, PS, Swedish Building Components, The University of Tokyo, Wald, SP, Thermotech

1.5 million euro

HSB Living Lab, HEM Energiförbrukning i hemmet, Climate-KIC BTA

Sidansvarig Publicerad: ti 02 feb 2016.