Merging nano-optics and nano-electronics

Our vision is to explore the possibilities in extreme light concentration, provided by coupling of light into surface plasmons in nanometals (nano-optics), and light interaction with semiconductor electronic elements devised at the same scale (nano-electronics). We will use top-down and bottom-up nanofabrication to develop the prototype lowloss optical elements, functioning together with electronic components, to actively shape their optical and electrical response. The future of such merger will present highly integrated optoelectronic devices that are able to manipulate light for information processing and solar energy applications.

Startdatum 2016-05-01
Slutdatum Projektet är avslutat: 2017-04-30

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  • Västra Götalandsregionen (Offentlig, Sweden)

Sidansvarig Publicerad: ti 17 mar 2020.