Löpbaneskador på hjul – identifiering och konsekvenser (CHARMEC TS20)

Wheel tread damage leads to wheel–rail contact forces whose magnitudes depend on the type of material, the shape of the geometric irregularity and the dynamic characteristics of the vehicle–track system. High vertical loads due to defects may imply an increased risk of wheel fatigue (and also damage to axles and bearings). To limit the risk of a catastrophic failure of the running gear, there are operational limits on allowed wheel impact loads. Based on field measurements and on results of simulations of vehicle–track dynamic interaction, project TS20 will start by deriving load spectra that result from different types of damage. In a second stage, the dynamic interaction between railway track and wheel will be studied in order to establish stress time histories resulting from the prescribed loads as based on field measurements and simulation studies. Subsequently, models to assess damage of critical components are developed such that fatigue-stress spectra can be obtained for the running gear. The influence of wheel tread irregularities and their lateral position with respect to the running band is taken into account. Eventually, the fatigue damage caused by different tread defects and operational conditions, in particular train speed and track stiffness, will be investigated.

This is a doctoral project. Mr Michele Magio is the doctoral student and Professor Elena Kabo is the project leader and supervisor. Professor Jens Nielsen and Docent Tore Vernersson are assistant supervisors.

Samarbetande organisationer

  • voestalpine Schienen GmbH (Privat, Austria)
  • voestalpine VAE GmbH (Privat, Austria)
  • Bombardier Transportation GmbH (Privat, Germany)
  • Green Cargo AB (Offentlig, Sweden)
  • Faiveley Transport Nordic AB (Offentlig, Sweden)
  • SweMaint AB (Privat, Sweden)
  • Lucchini Sweden AB (Privat, Sweden)
  • Abetong AB (Privat, Sweden)
  • SJ AB (Offentlig, Sweden)
  • Atkins Sverige AB (Privat, Sverige)
  • Trafikverket (Offentlig, Sweden)
Startdatum 2018-02-01
Slutdatum 2023-01-31

Sidansvarig Publicerad: to 05 mar 2020.