High temperature corrosion and ash research, part 2

The production of green electricity and heat from combined heat and power boilers faces increasing demands for variable loads, cheaper fuels and higher power efficiency to strengthen the competitiveness of renewables over fossil fuels. Research on high temperature corrosion enables the transition of the energy system to become sustainable by mitigating the corrosivity of the combustion environment and by using more corrosion resistant materials. We will during the next 2-year period strengthen our efforts towards developing the ability to predict component life time. This is done by a combination of well-controlled laboratory experiments, in-plant exposures, advanced microscopy and modelling (thermodynamic and kinetic modelling and DFT). We will also strengthen the cooperation between HTC and Energy Technology (ET), investigating potential field campaigns (focusing on combustion chemistry, ash and corrosion related issues) in Chalmers Kraftcentral to further increase the attractiveness of the HTC-ET research cluster as a partner in e.g.
EU projects. The persons involved from Chemistry are prof. Jan-Erik Svensson, assoc. prof. Jesper Liske, assoc. prof. Torbjörn Jonsson, postdoc. Sedi Bigdeli and Dr Loli Paz.

Startdatum 2020-01-01

Sidansvarig Publicerad: to 01 aug 2019.