Gap Waveguide Frontend Demonstrator at 38 GHz

​The project aims at developing an RF front end demonstrator in gap waveguide technology at 38 GHz. The project partners are Arkivator AB and Gapwaves AB, with Trebax AB personnel involved as consultants for Gapwaves. The in kind contributions relate to developing methodologies for the electromagnetic design, and is handled by four PhD students. Dr Esperanza Alfonso from UPV Valencia has been employed as a postdoc at Chalmers. The first year was concentrated on developing demonstrator hardware of duplexer filters and packaging of MMICs. The MMIC packaging with pin surfaces was already tested with very good results, creating very good isolation between receive and transmit sides, and without problems with unstable amplifiers. The duplexer filters have been designed in groove gap waveguide and hardware is being manufactured at Arkivator.
The project will in 2012 be focused on developing design methodologies for slot array antennas in gap waveguide technology, and to realize a gap waveguide slot array demonstrator. We will probably change the RF front end specifications from those valid for 38 GHz links to those valid for E-band links, but we will scale the latter specifications down to 38 GHz so that we can continue realizing demonstrators at 38 GHz where we have own measurement instruments, as a first step.
This is a Chase project.
Researcher:  Örjan Eriksson, CEO, Gapwaves AB
Figure: A Gap waveguide frontend.
Academi: Chalmers
Industri: Gapwaves AB, Arkivator AB

Sidansvarig Publicerad: on 08 mar 2017.