Modellering av pläteringsmorfologi i litiumjonbatterier för ökad säkerhet

In this proposal, we will document a wholistic physics-based modelling approach, which adequately incorporates a more accurate description of battery electrochemistry as well as the accompanying subtle lithium plating phenomenon. It will allow faithful prediction of internal short circuits subject to battery operational conditions and seamless integration into a safety-guaranteed battery management system. As an MSCA-PF fellow, Dr. Yicun Huang will receive crucial training at Chalmers University of Technology and engage in detailed battery modelling works which span the areas of computational materials and electrical engineering. The interplay between the two areas will spark an innovative and productive throughput, including 1) a multiphase electrochemical model for normal battery operations, 2) a high-fidelity model for the growth morphology of lithium plating and 3) control-oriented models for assessing battery safety. The result of this project will include: multiple models in a ground-breaking field of safety modelling; a new interdisciplinary research product amalgamating materials modelling and control methods; outreach and dissemination to crucial target audiences; and a solid foundation for a safety-guaranteed battery management system intended to revolutionise electric vehicles.

Startdatum 2022-07-05
Slutdatum 2024-07-04

Sidansvarig Publicerad: ti 02 aug 2022.