-Graduate Education Alliance for Teaching the Physics and Safety of Nuclear Reactors - GREaT-PIONEeR

The GRE@T-PIONEeR project aims at developing a specialised education in reactor physics and nuclear reactor safety for PhD and Post-Doc students, for nuclear engineers, and taken as advanced courses for MSc students. The education will encompass both theory and hands-on training exercises, the latter heavily relying on the use of research/training reactors and of computer-based modelling environments. 

Samarbetande organisationer

  • Technische Universität München (Akademisk, Germany)
  • European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN) (Non profit, France)
  • Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) (Akademisk, Switzerland)
  • Politecnico di Torino (Akademisk, Italy)
  • Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (UPV) (Akademisk, Spain)
  • LGI Consulting (Privat, France)
  • Budapesti Muszaki es Gazdasagtudomanyi Egyetem (Akademisk, Hungary)
  • Technische Universität Dresden (Akademisk, Germany)
  • Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (Akademisk, Spain)
Startdatum 2020-11-01
Slutdatum 2023-10-31

Sidansvarig Publicerad: fr 25 feb 2022.