Matthew Sadd

  • Postdoc, Materialfysik, Fysik

I have recently defended my doctorate thesis titled 'Operando Investigations of Materials and Processes in Next Generation Batteries', with Professor Ram Seshadri from the University of California, Santa Barbara, acting as the defence opponent.

Over the course of my doctoral studies I have worked with a wide variety of battery chemsitries and technologies, from Li-ion, to solid-state, to Na-ion, Li-S, Li-metal (the later three are explored in my thesis).

Currently, I am working on operando methodologies to investigate the complex electrochemical mechanisms that are an integral part of a battery's operation, under the supervision of Professor Aleksandar Matic. I have a keen interest in exploring ways of analysing these mechanisms, from uisng synchrotron x-ray techniques to lab based optical techniques, with an aim to leverage the complex mechanisms to see the successful implementation of these battery technologies.

Prior to joining the division of Materials Physics at the Department of Physics, I attained a Master of Chemistry from the University of Southampton, where I worked on the modification of electrode surfaces with functional groups, and in situ investigation of polysulfide speciation in Li-S batteries.