2017 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

One of this year's Nobel Laureates in chemistry, Richard Henderson, met a doctoral student and a master student at Chalmers University of Technology when he visited Gothenburg to hold an open lecture at the university.

Doctoral student Cecilia Fager and master student Gustav Persson had an opportunity to talk with Richard Henderson about where he received his inspiration, cryoelectron microscopy and what advice he has for young researchers.

Richard Henderson shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2017 with Jacques Dobochet and Joachim Frank for developing cryo-electron microscopy for the high-resolution structure determination of biomolecules in solution. Cecilia Fager is a PhD student at Eva Olsson Group at the Department of Physics and uses electron microscopy in her research. Gustav Persson takes the master's program Applied Physics and works simultaneously in the Eva Olsson Group.

See the interview above or at Chalmers University of Technology Youtubechannel.

Page manager Published: Thu 21 Dec 2017.