Tommy Hvitfelt

Close cooperation with society and industry

Chalmers not only stands for excellence in research and education, we also create meeting places for academia, society and industry. In close cooperation, we establish the conditions for sustainable development, both locally and globally.

It is not enough to simply train competent engineers and achieve good research results. We must also stimulate entrepreneurs and develop ideas in order for society and enterprise to grow.

Chalmers has an innovation system that helps researchers to discover opportunities for development within their own research, convert ideas into business and take care of patents and other immaterial rights. Strategic cooperation agreements strengthen ties to our industrial partners. We also want to help decision makers by providing reliable and easy-to-grasp data in order to facilitate the change to a sustainable society.

We have also been instrumental in founding three science parks, areas of focus where industry market knowledge meets desire for innovation and academic expertise.

We take responsibility for the continuous training of qualified personnel, i.e. by offering specially tailored education (external website)  of professionals in collaboration with industry and society.  In fact, we have 3000 annual participants in professional commissioned education.

We partner on high technology readiness level,conducting assignments related to product, process and method development as well as governmental investigations.

According to the Leiden Ranking (external website), which measures universities’ scientific impact and collaboration, we are outstanding in regards to collaboration with industry.

Our two business incubators are consistently ranked top ten among university-associated incubators world wide, according to the UBI Index. To reinforce, up-scale and further strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit across the university, we recently consolidated all venture creation activities within one subsidiary company, Chalmers Ventures. The goal is to become even better. And, in the long run, to have all students gain valuable entrepreneurial experience during their studies.

Published: Mon 08 Feb 2016.