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The International Science Festival Gothenburg is the largest festival of knowledge in Sweden and one of the leading popular science events in Europe. It is a meeting place where scientists are given the opportunity to present their research in an easily digestible form to schoolchildren and the general public. Each year the festival attracts on average 60,000 visits, with a programme with lectures, workshops, debates and activities spread across 30 or so locations in Gothenburg. Chalmers University of Technology is one of seven main organisations behind the Science Festival.

The aim is to encourage visitors to choose further education and to generate a positive attitude towards science and research. The festival is a cross-disciplinary event held every year in Gothenburg and a member of the European Science Events Association (EUSEA) – a network of popular science events that aim to increase awareness of research and education. The event is environmentally certified.  

The festival 2022 will be held 2–13 May and is the twenty-sixth in succession. The festival 2022 will include both digital activities and activities on site in Gothenburg.  
Public program: 4–8 May 
School program: 2–13 May  

Theme 2022: The unknown 

We thirst for knowledge like we thirst for water. We have mapped out our world and surveyed the oceans. Yet, it seems the earth is expanding before us. For each sip, the glass expands, and every breakthrough presents us with new mysteries and wonder. We can take a picture of a black hole, yet our own world, and even our bodies still take us aback. Pandemics, war, and ecological disasters – to not know the outcome is all but an insult to modern man, having made reliable data and forecasts a natural part of everyday life. Yet that is the nature of science. To not know, is the infinite challenge and the fuel that drives us forward. Are you ready to challenge all that you believe is true, celebrate curiosity and enter The Unknown?  

Contact us:
For ideas concerning the Public program 
Johanna Fasth
Phone 031-772 82 79

For ideas concerning the School program
Dorotea Blank
Phone 031-772 25 55

The International Science Festival (link to the Swedish website - note that the seminars and lectures that are held in english has an english description​)

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