The international science festival

The Science Festival aims to communicate science to schools and the general public in an easily accessible and stimulating way, as well as providing a meeting place for the research community. The goal is to promote a positive attitude to science and research, and to encourage higher study.

During the festival you will find everything from workshops, lectures, private shows, music, theatre, debates, exhibitions and seminars to meetings of researchers. The content spans all disciplines, from social science and the humanities to natural science and technology.

The Science Festival is divided into three branches, the public program, the school program and the specialist program. There is something for everyone during the festival.

Chalmers University of Technology is one of four main organisations behind the Science Festival.

Every year the International Science Festival has a theme and 2019 theme is Astonishing thought. 
"Intelligence, abstract thought and the ability to reflect on our own existence are the qualities that make us human and for a long time have been considered unique to our species. This year’s International Science Festival in Gothenburg looks at what happens in our brains when we think: the invisible but magical processes that occur as pieces fall into place, doors are opened, insights arise and we experience the feeling of self. It’s about how our identity and personality are rooted in our thoughts, but at the same time we are ingenious machines that can work out how to build houses and machines, understand the cosmos and save lives, and come up with the most imaginative and creative ideas. So what happens when we transfer the thinking process to machines and robots, and the I is no longer always human? What happens if the machines become more intelligent than we are? Are we standing at the dawn of a golden era or are we approaching the last outpost of humanity? This year we investigate astonishing thought and the importance of technology for human development."

Below you there is a list of all the activities, day by day that researchers, PhD-students, masterstudents and others from Chalmers participates in during the Festival. The activities on these pages are all in English, but there are more activities listed on the Swedish pages (in swedish), please check that page.

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Project Manager for Chalmers participation the Science Festival
Anna Bergius
Phone 031-772 46 64

For ideas concering the school program
Dorotea Blank
Phone 031-772 25 55

Published: Wed 06 Mar 2019. Modified: Fri 08 Mar 2019